Josh Boggs

eXposed Homes Client Testimonials

As a top-notch real estate company that is always looking to improve and provide the highest amount of quality service to each and every single one of our clients; we ask for our former clients to present to us a few thoughts on their experience.

Tim and Cheryl Ford
San Antonio, TX

Josh is the BOMB!!!!! We ran into several sticky situations and had it not been for Josh's expertise we would have been STUCK! I choose Josh as our Realtor because after meeting with him it was very evident that he possessed extreme integrity with high moral standards. His perseverance was refreshing, he worked late into the night with us when necessary and was there for us at every turn. He is very knowledgeable of all aspects real estate transactions from the loan process to the inspection, appraisal, insurance and close. We came upon a situation where a short sale abruptly became our only option (like I said we had several extenuating situations) and Josh had all the answers! His business savvy managed to save us cash big time on the purchase of our new home and we feel blessed to have had Josh represent us. Needless to say Josh has been inaugurated into our entire family as the only agent that we will ever trust with our real estate needs.

Lonnie and Shawanda Roberts
San Antonio, TX

Let me start off by giving Josh 5 stars as he was awesome. He was very knowledgeable about what was best for my husband and I based on our future plans. A very detailed individual and I have even given him a referral to help them out as they were looking for an agent. I would definitely give him more referrals in the near future.

J. and Adela Gazaway
San Antonio, TX

I give Josh Boggs 5 start for all the hard work he did for us. I would recommend him for anybody needing a realtor. I am planning on using his services again this summer. He does every thing he can to make your experience a good one that you will be happy with.

Jose and Dena Barrera
San Antonio, TX

Josh Boggs from Exposed Homes / Keller Williams was an outstanding agent. I couldn't have asked for a better agent. He remained unbiased with the seller's agent and represented us as though we were family. He pressed the negotiation on our behalf when needed and got us a fair deal on the house we loved. I didn't have to worry about Josh's judgement, it was spot on. I would recommend him to my friends and family.

Michael and Amy Sprinkle
Kansas City, KS

Our experience selling our home was to say the least a headache. That being said due to Josh it turned out ok at the end. Josh was very professional and worked very hard to make sure our house was sold by our deadline. I would give Josh 5 stars. If I ever decide to move back to San Antonio Josh will be the first person I call. No hesitation!

Kathryn Quiroga
Converse, TX

I would without hesitation give Josh Boggs five stars! He is an amazing realtor. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He tells you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. He is so hardworking and makes you feel that you are his most important client, no matter what your price range is. I will definitely use him in the future and have already told anyone who was interested in buying or selling a home about him.

Christi Grimes
San Antonio, TX

Josh was excellent to work with and has some good advice! I would highly recommend Josh to any serious home buyer. If you want someone who will go above and beyond for you, then Josh is your man!!

Stephan and Eva Garza-Butts
San Antonio, TX

My husband and I stopped by yard signs for homes that were for sale. We picked up a flier and saw Josh's advertisement with his cell phone number. It was 7:00 pm and I thought, "What the heck! I'll contact him". I left a voice mail message and 5 minutes later he called me back! My husband is deaf so I did most of the talking with Josh. I gave Josh all our information as far as what type of home we wanted to buy, what our monthly payments could be, etc. I'm not lying when I say that we saw OVER 25 houses! Every time we'd place the bid we would get beaten to a pulp by 8:00 am the next mornig! Grrr! We saw one house and I told Josh, "Let's follow you to your office, fax, PDF, send an e-mail (anything!) to get us the house to try to beat others by 8:00 am"!). We did. That didn't help. We lost the house. Grrr #2. We looked at other houses and I just didn't like the "neighbors", the square footage of the home, the "old" central air/heating system and we were willing to "fix" the house and Josh would tell us it just wasn't worth fixing because of this and that and that and that. Okay. We saw a beautiful two story 3 room home, with solar panel windows, a deck, matching fridge & stove with microwave on top, with the soft water system...I was hooked! I wanted that house! We made the bid. Guess what?! The buyer pulled the contract and my husband and I were SO upset! (including Josh that he stated, "Never before have I showed over 25 houses and can't get you in one! I PROMISE I'll get you in a home! Grrr #3. Well (Eva giggling). What happened was the seller's realtor was SO upset and embarassed of the seller's attitude that when the house came BACK on the market he picked up the phone and called Josh. He told Josh, "I have the home BACK on the market! What do you want to give me for it? Take it, it's yours! You've got first dibs on it, call me back on an offer!!". Josh, of course, picked up the phone and immediately called me. He told me, "Remember that two story home you fell in love with? Well, it's back on the market. We can negotiate for it...this is what we can offer". OMG!!!! I was soooooooo excited! We bought the home and the rest is HISTORY! Josh is your man!

Len and Candida Schendel
Pleasanton, TX

I'd give Josh Boggs (from Exposed Homes / Keller Williams) 5 stars. He was able to do in 4 months what my previous realtor couldn't do in a year: SELL MY HOUSE. Josh was professional enough to recognize his own weaknesses (as our property was more of the farm and ranch category) and put us in contact with Charlottee Menchaca who teamed up with Josh to get the deal done in less than four months. They worked with us every step of the way and were able to answer every question and concern. Josh sets a high standard for professionalism, courtesy, innovation and creativity. Speak with him for ten minutes and you feel like he's been your life-long friend. There is no doubt as to who I will refer all my family and friends to!

James Weimer
San Antonio, TX

Five Stars without hesitation. I met Josh through a friend of mine he used to work with and liked him from the start. I then drug him to countless houses from December to mid April, always having one or more objections to any house we saw. Josh never complained about this once. When I finally found one I liked, Josh landed me an awesome deal. It was a for sale by owner house and the former real estate agent who sold it to us told me that Josh was one of the best and most knowledgeable realtors she had ever met and she was very impressed by that given his young age. I agreed with her completely. As long as he's in the business, he's the only realtor I will ever use or recommend.

Vance and Jodie Jupe
San Antonio, TX

I was a little worried about selling my home at first. Then I contacted Josh, and he made my wife and I comfortable and confident about the decision we were making. Our home sold quickly and Josh fought for the price we wanted. I was 100% satisfied and would never use another agent as long as Josh and Exposed Homes are around. Thank You Josh!